Every building and property manager should be aware of their responsibilities for the maintenance of essential natural smoke and heat ventilation in their buildings, as outlined in the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000. It is important that owners and occupiers realise that maintenance of their ventilation schemes is just not a moral obligation or their duty of care, but more importantly a legislative requirement.

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Airocle provides natural smoke/heat ventilation servicing,  maintenance and certification for a range of applications and  projects stretching across commerce, industry and the community  including:

  • Warehouses
  • Schools and Tertiary Education
  • Theatres
  • Processing Facilities
  • Sub-stations
  • Factories and Production Facilities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Halls and Public Arenas
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Military & Defence Buildings
  • Sports Facilities
  • Chemical Storage
  • Galleries / Museums
  • Entertainment Establishments
  • Distribution Centres

Knowledge & experience

Regardless of how well a ventilation scheme is designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned, without proper preventative servicing and maintenance, the possibility for  failure cannot be ignored. Understanding the need for professional,  individualised periodic maintenance and testing of all natural  ventilation systems, Airocle has developed a quality maintenance  service to provide each installation the ability to:

  • Ensure the safety of well-being of building occupants.
  • Optimally maintain the function and performance of
  • Smoke and heat ventilation schemes.
  • Preserve and protect assets from possible damage
  • Proper preventative maintenance can save money.
Airocle have extensively developed a broad service network of experienced and qualified service personnel available in  providing adept individualised smoke/heat ventilation servicing and maintenance for industrial, commercial and community buildings offering:
  • A nationally well-trained and qualified service network
  • 72 hour emergency callout
  • A comprehensive spare parts inventory
  • Individualised service agreements

With over 40 years of natural ventilation manufacturing and maintenance experience, Airocle is the consummate choice in servicing ventilation schemes. Our industry experience, intricate componentry knowledge, engineering know-how and comprehensive spare parts inventory has lead Airocle to being the ideal solution for all natural smoke/heat ventilation servicing and maintenance.

Tailored Services

Carried out by qualified service personnel, Airocle’s Servicing & Maintenance provides regular maintenance, testing and certification of all natural ventilation systems. From power supply, mechanical componentry to exterior integrity, each service agreement provides:
  • The inspection and servicing of the control, electrical, mechanical or pneumatic systems to maintain optimum functionality
  • Inspection and maintenance of power and emergency power supply
  • Examination of possible ventilator damage, fatigue or dirt accumulation
  • Repair or replacement of damaged, faulty or malfunctioning components
  • The exact maintenance and servicing programme will be developed with each property, plant or business manager to cater for the individual requirements of your ventilation scheme.
Understanding the unique nature of each ventilation scheme, Airocle has developed individualised servicing agreements flexible to the maintenance requirements of your situation including:
  • In writing, a formal checklist-style servicing & maintenance programme covering all requirements set out in AS1851-2012
  • A pre-arranged servicing schedule for reliable periodic testing, servicing and maintenance
  • Available emergency call-out assistance within 72 hours wherever possible
  • Servicing logs providing a reliable register for all servicing and maintenance carried throughout the service agreement