Inspired by natural forces, continual research and engineering development, Aircole has developed a range of innovative natural roof ventilation solutions for commercial, industrial and community buildings.

Our natural roof ventilation systems are the perfect solution for builders, architects, engineers and clients looking at environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable ventilation schemes for their projects.

Using natural air movements and thermodynamic forces, Aircole’s product range offers reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for air, heat and smoke ventilation for all type of roofs while providing a range of benefits:

Performance & Reliability

  • Our roof ventilators have been tested by CSIRO and NATA against the most rigorous standards to ensure they deliver consistent and reliable performance.

Minimise Construction Costs

  • Natural ventilation limits the need for fans as well as the associated wiring, reducing the cost of construction of a project
  • Without the need for electrical fans and expensive cooling systems, you will notice significant reduction in infrastructure needed for cooling and operating costs in your building.
  • When incorporated in the engineering of a project, natural roof ventilators can help reduce structural wind-loading, resulting in possible reductions in structural steel.

Reduce Energy Use

  • Using appropriate natural ventilation in your building will reduce both heating and cooling costs and benefit the environment.
  • Our unique ‘Ridgelite’ roof ventilator system will allow natural light into a building, reducing energy costs and electrical lighting requirements.

Build a Better Working Environment

  • Introducing fresh air and natural light into your working environment increases work morale and productivity.
  • The silent nature of our roof ventilation systems reduces both noise pollution for your employees and your neighbours.
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