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Innovative Natural Ventilation Systems by Airocle

Airocle is an Australian leader in the design of natural ventilation systems. We are part of the prestigious IVR Group, which has been operating in the Australian sector for more than 90 years. Over this period, we have established ourselves as the largest designer, supplier and installer of natural roof ventilation systems in Australia.

Our innovative ventilation systems are changing the way that Australian buildings are designed, built and constructed. The products we design are used by engineers, architects and contractors all over Australia and overseas – and they operate across a wide range of industries and sectors. Our firm commitment to quality combined with our focus on performance and efficiency make us a top choice for clients across the entire spectrum of industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Government infrastructure
  • Foodservice
  • Chemical storage
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution

And that’s just to name a few prominent areas where you’ll find our natural ventilation solutions hard at work. In every case, the solutions that we create have been specifically designed to address the challenges faced in the field. Strong technical expertise and a knack for innovation allow us to tailor each ventilation solution to the project at hand.

Natural Industrial Ventilation Systems from Airocle

Airocle manufactures roof ventilation systems for industrial facilities in Australia. With the right system in place, your facility will enjoy better ventilation and air circulation, leading to better overall air quality. All of our systems are designed to ensure that your facility is in 100 percent compliance with prevailing laws and regulations.

But maintaining a properly ventilated industrial space is about more than mere legal compliance. With a top-performing industrial ventilation system in place, your staff are going to breathe easier. They’ll feel healthy and refreshed, and this is going to leave them energised and more productive.

Here are a few examples of how our industrial roof ventilation systems are put to use:

  • Warehousing Facilities – Most warehouses need to maintain strict temperature control to maintain the integrity of the materials and products being stored. However, this can be difficult to accomplish due to the volume of air contained in a facility with high ceilings. With each additional vertical metre, the temperature is going to rise, and this means that your HVAC system is going to have to work even harder in order to maintain the appropriate temperature range. Industrial roof vents by Airocle help to keep this situation under control – ensuring that the materials in your warehouse remain well within their recommended temperature range.
  • Manufacturing Plants – There are several factors to consider when setting up ventilation systems for manufacturing plants. To begin with, the machinery used in these large, high-ceilinged spaces generate a great deal of heat, and this makes it even more challenging to control the temperature.  Furthermore, strict air exchange parameters must be met to ensure that contaminants and by-products of the manufacturing process are continuously removed. The team at Airocle will review the schematics of your manufacturing plant as well as its on-the-ground requirements before designing an industrial natural ventilation system that has been tailored to the specific needs of your plant.
  • Processing Facilities – You’ll find our handiwork in a variety of processing facilities across a wide range of sectors – from mining plants to food processing plants. A well-designed ventilation system will ensure that the air quality remains in the safe range whilst keeping rising temperatures under control. Poor ventilation can lead to process issues as well as health concerns, making it all the more important to equip your plant with a state of the art ventilation system from Airocle.
  • Chemical Storage Plants – Proper ventilation is of the utmost importance in chemical storage plants, where the chemicals being stored can be volatile when combined or when allowed to accumulate. Industrial natural ventilation systems can help to eliminate and contain dangerous chemicals – protecting the health of your employees and ensuring that your facility remains in compliance with all government-mandated laws and regulations.

Our ventilation systems can be adapted to a variety of industrial uses.

Airocle Also Design Commercial Ventilation Systems

The natural ventilation systems designed and installed by Airocle are not limited strictly to industrial applications. They can also be used for a range of commercial purposes. Our commercial clients operate in a variety of sectors, and the solutions that we provide them are tailor-made to suit their specific needs and requirements.

One common application for commercial ventilation is in the food and beverage sector. Commercial kitchens can heat up quickly, and an inferior ventilation system is not going to be able to keep up with these demands. This contributes to an uncomfortable work environment and leads to poorer performance on behalf of staff. Furthermore, commercial kitchens produce a large volume of steam, smoke and other contaminants that need to be eliminated from the air supply and safely removed.

This demonstrates the complex requirements of commercial ventilation systems. But there are many other examples to consider. Breweries, wine cellars and distilleries also have their own unique ventilation challenges. In every case, the team at Airocle will familiarise themselves with your requirements and with the specifications of your commercial facility so that the ventilation system that we install is able to perform in the areas where you need it most.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Natural Ventilation Systems Solutions from Airocle

At Airocle, we are proud of the work that we deliver to our clients. We have a deeply ingrained belief that all of the ventilation solutions we design should prioritise safety and sustainability. In that sense, we believe that we are positioned at the leading edge of the design, installation and maintenance of efficient and environmentally friendly industrial roof ventilators.

If you’d like to learn more about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quick enquiry. We’ll respond to your query quickly to provide you with all of the information you require.

We are the new wave of sustainability changing the way buildings are designed, constructed and used, optimising workplace facilities to benefit communities in the most challenging environments, both locally and globally. We are Airocle: Inspired by nature.

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The team at Airocle are passionate about what they do. They have a large range of products that can provide practical solutions for ventilation and shade in industrial buildings.

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